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Mic Kaczmarczik’s Fender Concert Reissue Information

Fender Concert Reissue


Fender Concert Reissue

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Fender Concert Reissue
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A bit of historical note. The original Fender Concert was produced in the
early 60s. It was almost identical to the later Super Reverb amps, except
it did not have reverb, and used a solid state rectifier. These were
pretty good amps, if you could either live without the reverb or used an
external unit. They were discontinued in the 60s.

The more modern Concert from the 80s was designed by Paul Rivera. I have
one, and I speak from personal experience. The clean tone channel sounds
somewhat dead and dull, and the high-gain channel sounds buzzy and muddy.
The problem is that the lead dress and component layout in those amps is
really shitty, and in order to keep the damn thing from oscillating, they
had to connect capacitors from the plate to cathode of several preamp
tubes. This kills tone. Secondly, Paul, for some dumb reason, put all
the high gain after the tone controls, so the generated distortion is not
really equalized. The result is just not happening. They were available
in a 1 x 12, a 2 x 10 and a 4 x 10. They are loud as hell. The thing
uses 12AX7/7025 tubes everywhere EXCEPT the phase inverter and the reverb
pan driver, where a 12AT7 is used. In Fender tradition, the outputs were
6L6GC and it used solid state rectification.

I do NOT believe the new version Concert is the same amp. The NEW Concert
is the same electrically as the new Super. The 80s Concert was NEVER very
popular, so the “popular demand” is questionable.

Regarding Groove Tubes, you should read any of the numerous previous posts
on this issue. They are definitely NOT worth the money!!! Bullshit!!!
The GT 6L6B is actually the Sovtek 5881. The GT 6L6OS “Old Style” is a
NOS GE 6L6GC (a REAL 6L6). Forget the Chinese shit, it sounds bad, blows
up, puts out lower power (as does the Sovtek), and dosn’t last nearly as
long. GT prices are through the roof. Since you can buy the SAME damn
tubes from Antique for far less money, it only makes sense to save the
dough. Antique sells matched pairs (they have both the Rissian 5881s as
well as the GEs), and they will guarantee them. Don’t waste your money
with GT. Don’t fall for their marketing hype.

Please feel free to email me axs well, since I won’t bullshit you, and I
have one of the amps.




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