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Mic Kaczmarczik’s Peavey Classic 20 Information

Peavey Classic 20


Peavey Classic 20

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Peavey Classic 20
From moskowi–(at)– Tue Dec 6 13:14:40 CST 1994
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From: moskowi–(at)– (Len Moskowitz)
Subject: Re: Peavey Classic 20
Date: 1 Dec 1994 23:37:56 -0500
Organization: Public Access Internet & UNIX
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Message-ID: <3bm8b4$9l--(at)>

Tom Moothart wrote:

>What is a good price for the Peavey Classic 20, both used and new?

Around the NYC area, new they go for around $260 at Sam Ash or perhaps a
few bucks lower.

I played one this evening. I am looking for a small amp that I can use
for recording. I looked at the Fender Pro Jr., an old Super 60 and an
older Champ 12. My friend the assistant manager at the Sam Ash shop in
Paramus, NJ suggested I try the Peavey Classic 20. I’ve been a bit
biased against Peavey after my bass experience with their 1820 bottom
and some of their older solid state heads.

The “20” is a great amp. The master volume and regular volume combine
to give a wide range of controlable distortion. The tone controls work
wonderfully. It has a headphone output. It’s tiny and it sounds great.
No doubt two EL-84s and two 12AX7s play a role in that. It is decidedly
not a beginner’s amp. Maybe it’s time to change my opinion of Peavey.

I just wish they’d get rid of that ugly logo.

Len Moskowitz

From moskowi–(at)– Tue Dec 6 13:15:40 CST 1994
Article: 33858 of
From: moskowi–(at)– (Len Moskowitz)
Subject: Re: Peavey Classic 20
Date: 4 Dec 1994 00:10:22 -0500
Organization: Public Access Internet & UNIX
Lines: 22
Message-ID: <3brivu$ki--(at)>
References: <3bm8b4$9l--(at)> <3brbeo$nc3$--(at)>

Roger W. Stevens <76476.202--(at)--ompuServe.COM> wrote:

>I’d be real curious (hell, I AM real curious) to know how you felt
>the ender Pro Junior fared against the Classic 20.
>Whatever. Your thoughts, Hobson?

I answered Roger in e-mail. The short answer is that the Peavey and the
Fender Pro Jr. have the same tube complement and sound alot alike. The
Peavey though has much more flexible tone because of its controls (e.g.,
a master volume and a volume, three band tone controls). The Fender has
a single volume and tone control. The Peavey easily dials up tones the
Fender can’t manage. The Classic 20 also has a headphone jack.

In my opinion the Peavey’s the better value.

Len Moskowitz
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